Vagrant Based Windows Lab

Having a lab handy is a tremendous help when learning Windows administration. This post goes through an easy way to setup your own lab with Vagrant and Packer. [Read More]

Automating Eclipse tasks through Eclim

Lately my day to day work included developing applications with the Play! framework. Play!, in both its 1.x and 2.x versions, is a great framework but its integration with Eclipse is not always easy. One of the most frequent irritant I had, was having to use of dreaded play eclipsify... [Read More]

Debian Wheezy 64 Vagrant Base Box

In the same spirit as Debian Squeeze 64 Vagrant Base Box this post describes a new Vagrant base box for Debian Wheezy. Wheezy is currently the unstable version of Debian, meaning the box is a constant work in progress. I will update this post each time the box is upgraded.... [Read More]