Debian Wheezy 64 Vagrant Base Box

In the same spirit as Debian Squeeze 64 Vagrant Base Box this post describes a new Vagrant base box for Debian Wheezy. Wheezy is currently the unstable version of Debian, meaning the box is a constant work in progress. I will update this post each time the box is upgraded. Quickstart To get up and running you just need to: gem install vagrant vagrant box add wheezy64 vagrant init wheezy64 vagrant up Details The base box has the following characteristics:

Rebuild a Customized Official Debian Package

Today, I had a question about Debian package building from a member of my team which was not familiar with the Debian build system. I thought I might as well turn this into a quick tip to anybody wanting to rebuild an official Debian package with a slight change. To rebuild the package I’m using a pristine Vagrant environment like the one I described in Debian Squeeze 64 Vagrant Base Box.

Utilisation d'un VPN basé sur OpenSSH

Habituellement j’utilise OpenVPN lorsque j’ai besoin d’un VPN. Cependant, sur un réseau où seul le Web et le SSH sont autorisés il peut être pratique de monter un VPN avec OpenSSH. La méthode présentée ici se concentre sur le montage rapide d’un VPN ad-hoc. Le lecteur intéressé par le montage d’un VPN dans la durée pourra se référer à Setting up a Layer 3 tunneling VPN with using OpenSSH.

Debian Squeeze 64 Vagrant Base Box Upgrade Recipe

After building a Vagrant base box, Vagrant and Virtual Box updates incurred lots of upgrades. This article gives a recipe to do that quickly and efficiently. Build a new environment mkdir /tmp/upgrade cd /tmp/upgrade vagrant init squeeze64 vagrant up vagrant halt At that point the VM is stoped. Launch it from the Virtual Box GUI and mount the guest tools (Host+D). Upgrade Log into the VM through vagrant: vagrant ssh Upgrade the OS and the tools: