Automated NetScaler Hyper-V Setup with PowerShell

Lately, I set up quite a few NetScaler instances on my Windows 10 laptop. Usually my hypervisor of choice is VirtualBox. However, running both VirtualBox and Hyper-V is not possible on Windows 10. As, I needed Hyper-V for other reasons, I had to switch my NetScaler instances to it too. In my last post about setting up NetScaler on VirtualBox, I described how NetScaler can be tricked into working on VirtualBox (which is not an hypervisor supported by Citrix!

Automated NetScaler VirtualBox Setup with PowerShell

For a few months now, I have been working a lot with NetScaler VPX instances. As most of my personal work happens on a MacBook Pro, I was very eager to run NetScaler on VirtualBox. Here are my findings. As documented by Citrix, NetScaler is not directly available on VirtualBox and my previous attempts to make it work were unsuccessful. That was until a few days ago when I found this post by Esther Barthel.

Vagrant Based Windows Lab

Having a lab handy is a tremendous help when learning Windows administration. This post goes through an easy way to setup your own lab with Vagrant and Packer. Update: I used this lab quite a bit since this post and did quite a bit of improvements. Most things remain correct but you will, for instance, have to replace eval-win2012r2-standard-ssh-nocm-1.0.4 with eval-win2012r2-standard-nocm-1.0.4 in the following examples for the lab to work.

Automating Eclipse tasks through Eclim

Lately my day to day work included developing applications with the Play! framework. Play!, in both its 1.x and 2.x versions, is a great framework but its integration with Eclipse is not always easy. One of the most frequent irritant I had, was having to use of dreaded play eclipsify command which helpfully states: $ play eclipsify ~ _ _ ~ _ __ | | __ _ _ _| | ~ | '_ \| |/ _' | || |_| ~ | __/|_|\____|\__ (_) ~ |_| |__/ ~ ~ play!

Using Ruby to find a cycle in a graph of Puppet dependencies

Today, I had a small issue while using Puppet. To make it quick: I got a circular dependency in my Puppet recipes and Puppet failed with a verbose but not so helpful message: err: Could not apply complete catalog: Found dependency cycles in the following relationships: User[root] => File[/usr/share/locale/locale.alias], Package[python-setuptools] ... # INSERT TONS of other dependencies here ... try using the '--graph' option and open the '.dot' files in OmniGraffle or GraphViz Of course, I tried the ‘–graph’ option but, due to it’s size, the generated diagram was anything but readable.